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Using RVTools to size your vSphere environment

In order to expedite and facilitate Nuvolat migrations to UBX Cloud, please download and run this inventory tool against your existing vSphere environment. 1.Download the RVTools utility 2. Enter the hostname of your vSphere server or IP address and credentials. … Read More

Press Release: UBX Cloud and WaTech Partner to Help Businesses Transition to Telework

UBX Cloud has partnered with WaTech to provide IT and phone systems relief to the many businesses affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. DETROIT, UNITED STATES, March 23, 2020 / — UBX Cloud, the global cloud services provider based out of … Read More

Remote work and the Coronavirus

We at UBX Cloud have been helping businesses migrate into the cloud for a while. Amid the coronavirus news, a lot of businesses are now scrambling to transition their employees to work remotely and it’s quite daunting if you aren’t … Read More

Mohamed’s World famous Masala Chai

This chai is the official beverage of UBX Cloud and will be served at all official company functions. This recipe is at the very core of our company fundamentals as Mohamed’s chai is meant to be shared and enjoyed with … Read More

Vulnerability Management Program: Scanning (Part 3)

In the first two posts in this series I made the case for senior management buy in to support the vulnerability management program and laid out the process for creating or vetting an asset list. Using this list of assets … Read More

Vulnerability Management Program: Asset inventories (Part 2)

In the first post we established that vulnerability management is a difficult task, regardless of what industry or organization you are in. We learned that every organization will have unique hurtles to overcome and that management buy in is crucial … Read More

Building a Vulnerability Management program

This is the first post in a series that will provide some (much needed) insight into vulnerability management. We will cover many angles of this topic from “Management Buy In” to reporting, scanning processes and quantifying what a successful vulnerability … Read More

Policing SQL resources on your Windows server

As system engineers we often run into situations where SQL servers are unexpectedly running hot at 100% resource usage. Even when many times there is nothing going inside SQL to warrant such a state. In the majority of instances, engineers … Read More

Create Veeam Replication Job to Cloud Connect

On the Home tab, click New Replication Job Add Virtual Machines that you want to replicate from VMware or Hyper-V Choose Destination – Cloud Host Select Cloud Connect Hardware Plan At the Job Settings step of the wizard, Select Repository … Read More

Enable Veeam Remote Management

To better support your Veeam services can you perform the following steps for us. This will allow UBX staffmembers to remote access the B&R console over encrypted SSL without the need for TeamViewer access and to pull logs and monitor … Read More