Create Veeam Replication Job to Cloud Connect

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  1. On the Home tab, click New Replication Job

  2. Add Virtual Machines that you want to replicate from VMware or Hyper-V

  3. Choose Destination – Cloud Host

  4. Select Cloud Connect Hardware Plan

  5. At the Job Settings step of the wizard,
    • Select Repository for replica metadata, select a regular backup repository that is configured in your backup infrastructure. Veeam Backup & Replication will store in the selected backup repository metadata for VM replicas — checksums of read data blocks required to streamline incremental runs of the replication job.
    • Specify the number of restore points that should be maintained by the replication job. If this number is exceeded, the earliest restore point will be deleted.
    • In the Advance option, Choose storage optimization is WAN Target

  6. Enable Application-Aware Processing in Guest Processing section and add Guest OS credentials with administrator privilege

  7. At the Schedule step of the wizard, select the Run the job automatically check box and specify the necessary scheduling settings for the job and click Apply and Finish

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