Enable Veeam Remote Management

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To better support your Veeam services can you perform the following steps for us. This will allow UBX staffmembers to remote access the B&R console over encrypted SSL without the need for TeamViewer access and to pull logs and monitor jobs easier. This is only applicable to Veeam 9.5 update 4+

  1. In Backup Infrastructure ==> Service Provider ==> Select our profile and enable the option for “Allow Veeam to be managed by service provider”.

  2. Create a limited service account for UBX on your local server or in active directory. “Domain user” level is fine. (ie: svc_ubx_veeam )

  3. Open Users and Roles in Veeam Backup Server

  4. Click Add and select the User or Group (ie..svc_ubx_veeam) and assign the role Veeam Backup Administrator.

    Reminder: This will only work if you are using Veeam 9.5 update 4+. If you are on an older version 9 release you will need to upgrade and we can assist you with that.
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