How to configure Network discovery in Veeam

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This guide will help you configure network discovery and manage veeam backup from management console.


Veeam Availability Console credentials UBXCloud provided through welcome email.

Deploy a master agent on a machine in the company infrastructure.

Make sure you have an account with local Administrator permissions on all computers that you want to discover.

This prerequisite is not required if you have specified a discovery account in the master agent configuration settings. Make sure that client computers are powered on and configured to allow discovery: the Remote Scheduled Tasks Management (RPC and RPC-EPMAP) firewall rules must allow inbound traffic.

On client computers that run a Windows desktop OS, the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI-In) firewall rule must be configured allow inbound traffic.

If you plan to install Veeam backup agents as part of the discovery procedure, make sure that client computers are configured to allow installation: the File and Printer Sharing (SMB-In) firewall rule must allow inbound traffic.

If you plan to assign a backup policy as part of the discovery procedure, create a new backup policy or check and if necessary customize one of the predefined policies.

STEP 1 – Log in to the UBX Cloud Veeam Availability Console (VAC)

1. Navigate to
2. Enter your username in this form: CompanyUser. (For example: CompanyTenant01)
3. Enter the password. Optionally, select the “Remember me” checkbox.
4. Click Login.

The next screen takes you to the summary page of the console.

Navigate to Rule tab and click Add New

Enter friendly name to specify Rule

Select Company from list and click next

In Discovery we have three methods, select network discovery to add endpoints to using IP range. In case of AD please choose Microsoft active directory discovery .

Enter friendly name and Network IP range to be discovered and click OK

Similar to above step we can add multiple Network IP range to discovery and click Next.

Enable Master Management agent credentials else need to configure Administrator privilege which all end point machines have same account and Click Next

In case of filter requirement please choose appropriate values, in my case i filtered Client operating system.

Select required to schedule and click Next

Please choose Agent deployment method and select or create new policy and assign it.

In this summary we can review the configuration and click Finish.

On completion of configuration we can see rule created in list, select the rule and run it to discover endpoints in Network, discovered computers will be listed in managed computers.


The steps in this article helped you configuring network discovery using Veeam Availability Console.

If you need any further technical support, Please reach out to

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