How To Restore using veeam agent from UBXcloud

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This tutorial will show you how to To Restore files or volumes using Veeam agent from UBXCloud .

1. Open Veeam agent Navigate to control Panel.

2. Select Open Main Menu

3. Select Job and navigate to Restore file or or Restore Volume

4. Select restore point from the window and Click Next

5. Review Summary and click Open

6. Expand the backup file and select files or folders.

7. Select the required file and click restore icon.

8. By selecting keep or overwrite required option, file’s or folders will be restored in your local machine on successful transfer and close the window on success full restore.

Restored files can be identified as RESTORED-File Name in same file missing or corrupted location.


The steps in this article helped you to restore missing or corrupted files form UBXCloud Backup using Veeam backup agent.

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