Managing and Exploring UBXCloud Virtual Appliance In ONAPP

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This guide will help you Managing and Exploring UBXCloud Virtual Machines


Any Web browser, login credentials UBXCloud provided through welcome email.

1. Open any Web Browser and enter following url , once web page opened please enter login credentials and login for authentication.

2.On Successful login user can see this Dashboard with following statistics.

3. Navigate to Virtual serves under Appliance menu, here user can see the list of VM available details including resource data and VM online status.

4. VM can be rebooted or Shutdown directly by selecting under dropdown menu, to explore more about particular VM click on VM Name.

5. In this page user can view all resource data for selected VM.

6.In Same page, under tools dropdown menu user can find Power Option, Administrative option, Snapshot Option and Network options.


The steps in this article helped you Manage UBXCloud – OnApp Virtual Machines

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